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County Wide Polling Places are polling places that are open on election day to all voters of Grimes County, regardless of which precinct you belong to.  You can go to any polling place in the County on election day and cast your ballot.  This allows voters to vote at the polling place most convenient for them and thus reduces the amount of driving time and prevents voters from going to the wrong precinct.  The concept is just like Early Voting where you can vote at any location regardless of your precinct.

Grimes County would very much like to participate in this program but we need your help to get this project going in the right direction.  We need feedback from the public and from the local communities so that we can more forward in the application process.

More information on County Wide Polling Places

To be selected to participate in the program, each county must meet the following minimum requirements: (1) exclusive use of direct recording electronic (DRE) voting systems at all polling places; (2) implementation of a computerized voter registration list that allows instantaneous verification that a voter has not already voted at another polling place; and (3) if the county has not participated in one of the previous countywide election precinct programs, it must hold a public hearing to inform and solicit opinions from voters, minority organizations, and other interested parties (e.g., political parties, political subdivisions within the county, and organizations representing voters with disabilities). A transcript or electronic recording of the hearing must be submitted to the Secretary of State. Although not required by statute, we encourage counties that have previously participated to conduct a new public hearing.

In addition, counties selected to participate in the program must adopt a methodology to determine the placement of the countywide polling places. For an election held in the first year in which the county holds an election under the program, the total number of countywide polling places may not be less than 65% of the number of precinct polling places that would otherwise have been used in the last equivalent election. For subsequent elections, this number drops to 50%.

Eligible counties may apply to use countywide polling places in the following elections: the primary election and run-off election, the general election for state and county officers, elections taking place on the uniform election date in May, a constitutional amendment election, and joint elections when holding any of the aforementioned elections with a local political subdivision (i.e., city, school district, etc.). Note that counties that have previously participated in the program, but have not been formally granted a “successful” designation in writing by the Secretary of State, must reapply to use the program for each election.

A selected county must also develop a plan for providing notice and informing voters of the program and of the changes made to the locations of election day polling places that will occur. At a minimum, an election day notice indicating the location of the nearest countywide polling place must be posted at each precinct polling place that was used in the last general election for state and county officers but will not be used in the election under this program. The county must solicit written input from organizations that represent minority voters and voters with disabilities. Input from local political entities is encouraged.

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